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Fit @ Work is a dynamic company formed by a group of experienced and accredited occupational health doctors and occupational health nurse practitioners to deliver comprehensive occupational health services that can be tailor made to the needs of the individual clients.

1. Health in the workplace is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity.

Legislative change have forced employers to implement the necessary measures to comply with legislation to safe guard the health and safety of all workers at the workplace.

This is in line with the standards of the World Health Organization and South Africa adheres to these principles.

A risk free or risk-controlled environment at the workplace with a healthy workforce is essential to create a motivated and creative team at the enterprise.


The Legal Framework in Occupational Medicine:

When we are dealing with health and safety at the workplace, we have to remember that we have to comply with the following Laws and Acts under South African Law. From our side at Fit @ Work we will make sure that your company complies with current legislation in terms of the following Acts.

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act no. 85 of 1993 from the Department of Labour
  • The Mine Health and Safety Act no. 29 of 1996 from the Department of Minerals and Energy
  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997
  • The Merchant Shipping Act
  • The Labour Relations Act no.66 of 1995
  • The Employment Equity Act no.55 of 1998
  • The COID Act no. 136 of 1993
  • The Occupational Disease in Mines and Work Act (ODIMWA) no. 78 of 1975

For a full up-to-date version of what a company has to do to in respect of medicals that have to be completed to comply with legislation, please look at the page on “Who Does Which Medicals” on our website.


2. Fit @ Work helps your company or business achieve these goals by partnering with you and by taking care of the following essential occupational medical functions in a professional manner by doing:

  1. Hazard Identification

  2. Risk assessment of your work environment and workers followed up by

  3. Continuing medical surveillance and

  4. Sound, evidence-based general management of all occupational and health related issues at your company or office.


Fit @ Work will set the platform for your business to have healthy workers in an ideal risk-free work environment.

Fit @ Work offers a flexible, holistic approach to assist industry, the employer and the workforce with all occupational health needs at an affordable price. Based in Paarden Eiland and Sea Point, Fit @ Work has positioned itself strategically to render occupational health services to employers in the greater Cape Town area.

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